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博乐彩票开奖One-stop supplier of printing back channel and RFID automation equipment

Automation equipment supplier after printing!

Are you still troubled by these worries?

  • Unstable quality, backward equipment!
  • Low production efficiency, poor service, no after-sales!
  • The precision deviation of finished products is big!
  • Service is not in place, low productivity!
  • Customized processing is expensive!

Choosing Zhongjinxin 3 Big Advantage

  • 01

    Customization of Automation Equipment

    • The company specializes in R&D, design and manufacture of printing back channel and RFID tag labeling, reading, writing, testing, online data DOD-UV code-jet equipment.
    • According to the different needs of customers, provide personalized, automated, intelligent private customization.
  • 02

    Integrity-based, Keeping Improving

    • Professional hardware and software team work together to ensure that each equipment is estimated to be of high quality, high standards and high efficiency.
    • Equipment procurement from raw materials to electrical accessories have high-quality cooperative manufacturers, professional research and development design and technical support, fine to every detail, strive for excellence.
  • 03

    Professional after-sales service

    • Installation and commissioning of equipment, training will be supported by professional and technical personnel and services, all equipment systems can implement remote technical support and training. -UV inkjet printer.
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Shenzhen Zhongjin Xin Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Zhongjinxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of smart card equipment, RFID equipment and post-printing processing equipment. Its main products are automatic gilding machine, laser marking machine and other equipment. With excellent technical equipment and good management experience, the company realizes standardized operation mode.

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